About Us

Our vision is to have joyful communities.

Our mission is to promote healing through comunidad, comida, and celebración.

Our Story

Alimentando al Pueblo is a project rooted in facilitating healing for Community that has been disproportionately impacted by the COVID -19 pandemic – impacts that have only been amplified by systemic and historical racism and economic disenfranchisement. We face multifaceted problems, and we must have multifaceted solutions. 

We know, and see that it, is our collective responsibility to ensure the well being of our Community. 

We are guided by this understanding


Packing Team Lead

Packing Team

Delivery Team co-lead and Model Replication Team

Consultant - Model Replication team

Consultant - Nutrition and Cooking Coordinator


Associate Learning & Impact Officer , Ascendium Education Group

Director Partner Development at Microsoft

Safety and Health Advisor at Recreational Equipment, Inc.


" As Highline based Community serving agencies, we collectively recognize the importance of food in our culture – especially, in the face of this pandemic. Our partnership is committed to ensuring our communities have access to culturally specific foods. "

OUR Timeline

July 2020

5 mujeres and a 6-partner collaborative in response to the pandemic. The 5 mujeres: Azucena Seijas, Hilda Pardo, Patricia Palomino, Roxana Pardo Garcia, and Sandra Simarra. All these women are residents that live in the Highline service area and know the importance of serving the Communities we live in. The collaborative: Colectiva Legal del Pueblo, Para los Niños, La Roxay Productions, Lake Burien Presbyterian Church and White Center Community Development Association.

July 27, 2020

The first phase of Alimentando al Pueblo. 450 boxes of non-perishable box items and produce boxes were  shared with the Community – in 6 weeks we served 242  families. 

Sept 21, 2020

One distribution of 100 boxes, served 100 families

OCT - DEC, 2020

King County grants Alimentando al Pueblo $270,000 to do the following 

    • Provide 2,000 non perishable box items and produce boxes 
    • Build out a delivery program 
    • Pay 33 team members 
    • Additional funds were raised to: 
      • Provide art and music to our community

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Roxana Pardo Garcia

Project Lead

Roxana Pardo Garcia aka La Roxay is a self-identifying Hood Intellectual Xingona who was born and raised on occupied Coast Salish Territory. Roxana is the Founder of La Roxay Productions and Hood Intellectual Xingona – and the current Owner, Cultural Worker, and Certified Xingona. She is also the Co-Founder and Project Lead of Alimentando al Pueblo.

Roxana attended the University of Washington where she received her BA in American Ethnic Studies. While a student Roxana was an active part of MEChA, where many campaigns were fought for – and won – that centered the histories and experiences of Black, Indigenous, Students of color. Roxana graduated from UW being the first in her family to do so.

Her 10+ years of Community involvement and organizing, include being a youth worker – specializing in working with Black, Indigenous, Youth of color, a community engagement expert, mentor, and a spirited South King County advocate. Roxana is an experienced public speaker, event planner, presenter, event MC, facilitator, truth teller, and professional chismosa.

Roxana uses indigenous knowledge and her genetic memories to do work that will allow people to live with dignity, respect, self and collective determination – because we know, nothing will liberate the hood, but the hood itself.


Patricia Palomino

Packing Team Lead

Patricia is of Mexican origin with indigenous roots, passionate about the growth of the community and the environment, seeking equal opportunities, fostering a community that is more empathetic and proud of its roots and of who they are. Remembering that each person is Unique and Valuable where all together and united we are and we make great changes. AAP is a place where Patricia feels blessed to participate and to be part of a wonderful group, with responsibility, commitment, dedication, and collective support. She is  happy to be part of this beautiful work and that with the contribution of all we reach many families week after week.

Hilda Pardo

Packing Team

Hilda Pardo was born in Michoacan Mexico and immigrated to the US in the 80’s; she was a young adult when she arrived and immediately started to work in the service industry. She is a single mom of three children who enjoys spending time with family, in her garden, and volunteering in Community. She has been an integral part of the Alimentando al Pueblo team – she is afterall, the mother of Roxana, the project lead. Hilda has lived in Burien for 25 years.

Susana Contreras-Mendez

Researcher at Insititue for Women’s Policy Research

Susana Contreras-Mendez is an associate learning and impact officer at Ascendium. She works in partnership with the philanthropic team to measure its performance and to support collective learning about its strategy and operations. Susana joined the organization in 2021.

Previously, she was a researcher at the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, a policy think tank in Washington, D.C. She conducted research on strategies to increase upward mobility for families, with a particular focus on the postsecondary experiences of student parents. Other professional experiences include interning at the Lumina Foundation and directly supporting low-income families through nonprofit and government programs.

As a former Head Start child and first-generation college graduate, Susana has firsthand knowledge of education’s transformational benefits. She holds a Master of Higher Education degree with a concentration in diversity and social justice from the University of Michigan and a dual bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington in sociology and American ethnic studies with a minor in education, learning and society.

Ana Gamborena

Former Director Partner Development at Microsoft

Ana was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. As a young adult, she had the opportunity to join Microsoft and work abroad in Florida, Puerto Rico, Brazil and Washington State. Ana is known for her scale business acumen, cross-functional leadership, and multicultural Latin American/US experience. She holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Martha Molina

Safety and Health Advisor at Recreational Equipment, Inc.

Martha is a workplace safety professional and has been in the worker’s compensation arena for over 12 years. Graduating from the University of Washington undocumented, before DACA, she navigated through higher education advocating for herself to remain in school. She’s currently earning her Masters’ in Safety and Health Management from Central Washington University. During her spare time, she mentors Latina students, translates immigration letters for people seeking legal relief and assists in resume/cover letter preparation. She currently resides in Federal Way, WA with her husband Mario of 10 years, their daughter Dahlia and two chihuahuas, Buttercup and Dixie. Martha holds a Master’s of Safety and Health Management from Central Washington University. OSHA Safety Leadership for General Industry Certification.


Azucena Seijas

Azucena Seijas known as Suzy was born in Guatemala – she came to Washington at the age of 12 with a single mom of four. She is not the first or last to dedicate time to her daughters and their improvement. Azucena attended Highline high school in Burien WA. And she identifies as an independent woman mother of four. She is always looking for ways to progress while helping the community, for this very reason she started helping in Alimentando al Pueblo. It is a wonderful experience to know that the teamwork you do will help many Hispanic families fill you with satisfaction.

Sandra Simarra

Packing Team Lead

Sandra Simarra was born in Peru- Amazonas. She considers herself Hispanic Latina in which she feels proud of her identity and her family. She is involved in Head Start and ECEAP WSA (Washington State Association) Parent Ambassadors, and participates in the Policy Council with a leadership group. She advocates for education in the Highline Public Schools, maintaining teacher-to-parent communication to support the success of our children. She is a volunteer mother with Alimentando al Pueblo in which she feels grateful to put her support, with a lot of passion, which unites us with a great cultural wealth, full of values; showing respect and humility to her community.